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Product Integration Is Integral In “Viral Video”
Speed of Dreams Goes Viral For Connective Productions

Los Angeles, CA --  Production company Speed of Dreams just completed its first “viral video” product integration spot for Connective Productions.  The spot, titled “French Test,” appears to be User Generated Video of two college students “pranking” their friend.  Integrated into the video is Nature’s Cure 2-Part Acne Treatment.

“We were thrilled to work with Speed of Dreams and an award-winning filmmaker like Bill Evashwick,” said Justin Bauer of Connective Productions.  “The idea was to create a spot that viewers will believe is User Generated Video, and successfully conveys our client’s message.  I can’t wait to see the response it gets.”  

Evashwick, Creative Director and Executive Producer for Speed of Dreams said, “Doing this project with Connective Productions was a terrific experience.  We had a lot of fun tapping into our comedy roots, while effectively delivering the client’s message to the target audience.  Connective Productions has developed the model for next generation advertising.”

Connective Productions arose from a class project at the Stanford Graduate School of Business to address current trends in online video.  “Viewers are changing their media consumption patterns away from traditional TV and toward online content,” noted Bauer.  “Advertisers are eager to engage this growing user audience that watches online video and ignores traditional forms of advertising.”  

The target audience of online viewers is annoyed by intrusive advertising such as pre-rolls and overlays.  “That’s why product integration is so important,” said Connective Production’s Linsey Willaford.  “When filmmakers like Bill Evashwick and the crew at Speed of Dreams create an entertaining video, it fulfills audience expectations while delivering the client’s message.  When the viewing experience is positive, that carries over as good will to the client’s product.”   

Connective Productions serves as an aggregated source of creative talent.  “Along with professional production companies  like Speed of Dreams, we also work with up-and-coming filmmakers who are eager to monetize their content on popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace,” said Willaford.  “We work with our clients to understand fully their brand’s positioning and communicate that to our network of filmmakers.  It’s a low cost way of creating edgy and entertaining digital videos about your brand.  Just like the one Speed of Dreams created for Nature’s Cure.”

The Nature’s Cure video will be available on a number of video sites beginning in November.  Just search “French Test” and “Nature’s Cure.”

California-based Speed of Dreams is a television and video production company that creates programming in a variety of genres and formats for multi-channel multi-platform delivery.  Creative Director and Executive Producer Bill Evashwick has won 6 Cine Golden Eagles, 12 National Telly Awards, 2 Gold Medals from the New York Festivals and been nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Non-Fiction Series and a Cable Ace Award for Best Comedy Special.  “Whether it’s a two-hour special or a 30 second commercial spot, we pride ourselves on creating great programming that will entertain the audience and meet the goals of our clients.”