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Recent Projects

Discovery Channel:  Mega Beast – Writer-Director
Commercial Spots:  Nature’s Cure Acne Treatment – Producer-Writer-Director
The History Channel:  Mr. Know It All (1 hour pilot) – Exec Producer-Producer-Writer
TRU TV:  Tru Unauthorized – Producer-Writer-Director
Discovery Channel:  The Cut (pilot) – Producer-Writer-Director
INHD Networks:  Beer Nutz (series) – Exec Producer-Producer-Writer-Director
MOJO HD:  Sea Quest (pilot) – Producer-Writer
TRU TV:  Private Eyes (pilot) -- Producer-Writer-Director
MOJO HD:  Experience (series) -- Exec Producer-Producer-Writer-Director
TRU TV:  Beverly Hills Repo (pilot) - Producer-Writer-Director
RDF Distribution:  Final Approach (series 13) -- Exec Producer-Producer
HBO:  Unreal (pilot) – Exec Producer-Producer
A&E Biography:  John Travolta – Exec Producer-Writer (Emmy nomination);
A&E Biography:  The Rock - Exec Producer-Producer-Writer-Director (Cine Golden Eagle, Telly);
A&E Biography:  Val Kilmer – Exec Producer-Producer-Writer-Director (Telly Award);
A&E Biography:  Kevin Costner -- Exec Producer-Writer (Cine Golden Eagle, Telly); A&E Biography:  Richard Gere Exec Producer-Writer (Telly);
A&E Biography:   LL Cool J -- Exec Producer (Cine Golden Eagle);
A&E Biography:  Bruce Willis -- Exec Producer-Writer (Cine Golden Eagle, Telly);
A&E Biography:  Tommy Lee - Exec Producer
A&E Biography:  Dolly Parton - Exec Producer
A&E Biography:  Steve Martin - Exec Producer
A&E Biography:  Paula Abdul - Exec Producer-Writer-Director
A&E Biography:  Sylvester Stallone - Exec Producer
A&E Biography:  Heather Locklear - Exec Producer
A&E Biography:  Lisa Marie Presley - Exec Producer
A&E Biography:  Friends - Exec Producer
A&E Biography:  Mario Andretti - Exec Producer
A&E Networks:  Celebrity Home Bios - Exec Producer
A&E Networks:  NASCAR:  Countdown to Sunday - Exec Producer
The History Channel:  Secrets of the Black Box (Series) – Exec Producer (2 Golden Eagles, 2 Telly Awards)
Versus:  25 Worst Outdoor Disasters (4 1-hour Specials) – Exec Producer
Versus:  25 Best Outdoor Films – Exec Producer
The History Channel – The Crash of Flight 191 – Exec Producer (2 Gold Medals NY Festivals, Telly)
Court TV:  Hollywood Justice:  Eminem -- Exec Producer-Producer-Writer-Director
Court TV:  Hollywood Justice:  Nick Nolte -- Exec Producer-Producer-Writer-Director
Court TV:  Hollywood Justice:  Shannen Doherty -- Exec Producer-Producer-Writer
SPEED Channel:  Champ Car Garage -- Exec Producer-Producer-Writer
SPEED Channel:  Champ Car Preview Show -- Exec Producer-Producer-Writer
Travel Channel:  Probable Cause (series) – Producer-Writer
Travel Channel:  The Travel Detective – Producer-Writer
NBC:  World’s Most Amazing Videos (series) – Story Producer-Segment Producer
FOX:  When Good Pets Go Bad – Story Producer-Segment Producer
Litton Syndication:  Just Imagine! -- Exec Producer-Producer-Writer-Director
Showtime:  Who’s Watching Who? (pilot) -- Producer-Writer
Paragon Syndication:  Video To Go -- Producer-Writer
Showtime:  Deep Dish TV -- Producer-Writer  (CableAce Award Best Comedy Special)
Showtime:  Deep Fried TV -- Producer-Writer (CableAce Award Best Comedy Special)
Interscope:  Music videos for many artistis including Ice Cube, DJ Quik, Dove Shack, Tha Twinz, Lil Half Ded – Producer
NassPenn Entertainment – Promos for clients such as Buena Vista and Columbia Television

BreakTV.com – multiple original, news, cast interviews and behind-the-scenes programming for television-centric website.  
Davidson/Knowledge Adventure – character development and dialogue writing for game company.  
NassPenn Entertainment – Industrials for clients such as Hilton Hotels (won a Telly Award), Prudential, Doughboy Pools, et al.

Playing Patti – Producer-Writer
The Hunting of the President – Producer
Limit Up – Script Consultant
You Can’t Hurry Love – Onset gag writer